Educational Resource Center

The Educational Resource Center at Of One Mind offers support and solutions for students struggling academically. Psycho-educational testing is available to assess a student’s needs, identifying any learning or emotional issues hindering school performance and success.

Our center also gives students the ability to successfully repeat required classes quickly without giving up summer or other break time. Of One Mind’s instructors and educational therapists give students one-on-one instruction with online courses, finishing required homework and tests in less than half the time of summer school. Our flexible hours and course availability reduce scheduling conflicts.

Our educational consultants work with students and their families to discover the sources of problems and find appropriate solutions including:

  • Training in Organizational Skills and Study Strategies
  • Subject-Specific Academic Tutoring
  • Strategies for Students with Learning Challenges such as ADD and ADHD
  • Alternative Schooling and Course Supervision
  • Counseling for Academic and School Behavioral Issues
  • Speech and Language Assessment and Therapy
  • Homework Supervision, Assistance and Monitoring
  • Academic Liaison Services
  • SAT, GED, GRE, ISEE, LSAT AND GMAT Preparation
  • College Prep Counseling
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