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Of One Mind offers supervised housing for young adults who struggle with school or are not yet ready to live on their own. Our structured environment helps kids get the footing they need to transition into adulthood.

Our supervised housing provides academic, social and sober support. Located in West Los Angeles, Of One Mind is within close driving vicinity of UCLA, USC, SMC, and many other colleges and universities. We help clients to enroll in schools that are right for them and monitor their progress. Job placement is also offered in addition to or as an alternative to college enrollment. Whether in school, at work, or both, our supervised housing alternative caters to the needs of each specific client.

A compromise between young adult and parents who don’t want to pay for another year of college without knowing whether or not their child is actually going to class.

Many young adults want an opportunity to live away from home, but aren’t yet ready for complete autonomy.

We assist young adults who can no longer live with their parents, yet cannot be depended on to consistently go to work, school or maintain sobriety.

Each Of One Mind supervised housing resident develops an individualized program tailored to launch their life. Clients have full access to a diverse range of treatment specialists who cater to the needs of each specific client. Young adults learn to find their purpose and live independently in the Of One Mind community while practicing to live on their own.

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