Seminar Date: April 11, 2012

This week’s seminar was “The Parents’ Relationship and the Successful Child” and presented by Richard B. Cohen, LMFT, MAC, CCBT, CDVC.  Richard spoke on how the way children feel about themselves can be directly related to manner in which their parents treat each other and parent together. Richard shared scenarios of different behaviors and their potential consequences.  If parents do not listen to each other then they risk the danger of raising a child that will not listen to others.  That is what the child is witnessing over and over again.  If the parents get violent with each other then their child may grow up thinking that this is acceptable behavior.  On the more positive side, Richard noted the benefits that can occur when either parent is able to do the same task with their child, rather than the child only going to one parent to complete tasks  Richard also gave advice for single parents and how important it is for parents who are apart to not bad mouth each other.  The parent may still be dealing with their feelings however this sort of behavior clearly does not benefit the child.

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