Seminar Date: February 22, 2011

Some of the parents at Paul Revere participated in Richard’s seminar Tuesday morning entitled “Deepening Your Relationship With Your Teen”. Richard utilized role-playing with parents on realistic dialogues with teens and how to turn the conversation around to reach a better conclusion. Letting your teen know that you are interested in their life, and eager to have a meaningful relationship is very important. Stating your needs in the relationship, in an appropriate way, can not only get you closer to your goal with your teen but also model how to express needs in a productive and non-threatening way. This can be helpful for teens later on when they are negotiating their own relationships. Richard maintains that having clear family expectations, values, and rules can help your teen navigate the family dynamic. Having real time together, such as preparing a meal or walking the dog on a regular schedule can provide closeness as well as structure.


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