Seminar Date: January 18, 2012

Dr. Philantha Kon, M.D., Ph.D. lectured last night on “Mood Disorders and the Use of Marijuana in Teens.” Dr. Kon presented a great deal of information and statistics regarding teen depression. Dr. Kon discussed perceived barriers to care such as stigmas, myths and media perception. Dr. Kon mentioned many of the harmful effects of THC on a growing brain. She also shared that teen use of marijuana is a significant predictor of later depression as young adults. Dr. Kon talked about the self-medicating aspect of marijuana use, and how using it can often be an attempt by the individual to fix other issues such as anxiety. Yet by using marijuana, the person does not get to deal with the underlying issue. In terms of parents protecting their children from marijuana, Dr. Kon stressed the importance of monitoring and supervision. D. Kon also said how important it is to set limits and be consistent with your parenting. We have received multiple requests to for Dr. Kon to do this same seminar in Encino and will keep you posted on the date it occurs.

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