Seminar Date: March 13, 2013

The seminar topic “Does Your Child Learn Differently?” was presented by Jonathan Greene Ph.D., ABDP last night at our West Los Angeles office.   Dr. Greene, who refers to himself as a cognitive scientist, began by discussing individual differences and how we all learn differently.   Dr. Greene is a big fan of open source learning and shared free resources that are available such as the Khan Academy and TED.   Dr. Greene excitedly mentioned that universities such as Harvard and M.I.T. are now putting their courses online with professor notes.   Dr. Greene stressed the importance of using all these resources to supplement your child’s education.   Dr. Greene says that education has changed and believes that families should be the primary motivators for their child’s learning.  Dr. Greene warned parents against relying on their child’s school to take care of that for them.  Dr. Greene also noted the importance of parents focusing on their child’s passions rather than deficiencies.   What does your child do well?  If your child is genuinely interested in something, do what you can to help them go deeper with their calling.     Dr. Greene told parents that they should participate with their kid’s exploration rather than just assign work.    Find our what they are interested in.  Ask them lots of questions.  Figure out how you can help them go deeper with their passion.

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