Seminar Date: October 17, 2012

Richard B. Cohen LMFT, MAC, CCBT, CDVC presented a parent seminar last night in Encino on “Teens & Young Adults that Rule the Roost.” Richard discussed the various parenting styles as developed by Diana Baumrind (Authoritative, Authoritarian, Indulgent and Neglectful) and explained how each style raises a different child. If a parent is too permissive their child might grow up thinking they can do whatever they want all the time. Richard said parents should lay out clear expectations for what they want the relationship with their child to be like. It is important for parents to share the rules to the game before the game begins so their child knows what is expected from them. Richard told parents to focus on what they will do, not what their child will do. Parents must be on the same page with each other and make sure they practice consequence rather than punishment. If a behavior has a consequence then it becomes the choice of the teen or young adult to deal with the results of their behavior, rather than thinking this is something the parent did to them. Richard told those in attendance that he likes working with oppositional behavior and that parents need to accept that this may be the attempt of their teen or young adult to explore an identity separate from their parents…while still maintaining the rules. If you missed out on this seminar Richard will be doing the same topic on November 14, 2012 at 7 PM at our West LA facility.

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