Seminar Date: Tuesday November 16, 2010

Today’s topic at Paul Revere was “The 5 Steps Of Parenting”. We had twenty or so parents in attendence. Psychotherapist Richard B. Cohen covered the issue of respect, and how parents must model respectful behavior in their family to create a respectful climate overall. The more effective parents are at stating their needs and goals for the family in a clear and appropriate manner, the more they can empower their children to understand and recognize their own needs, and how to assert them effectively.

Richard discussed A. Rae Simpson’s 5 Steps of Parenting which are to:

  1. Love and Connect
  2. Monitor and Observe
  3. Guide and Limit
  4. Model and Consult
  5. Provide and Advocate

Richard stated that “the more alienated your teen is, the more likely they are left to be raised by their peers.” He stressed that it is very important to separate the “person” from the “behavior” when dealing with our kids. We love the “person”; we’d like to impact “the behavior”. Richard quoted Wilfred Bion MD, who wrote Experiences In Groups. “Never attempt problem resolution until the problem is adequately defined.”

In regards to future seminar topics, one parent suggested the impact of violent video games on teens and how families can deal with this issue. Our topics at Paul Revere are set for the school year, but suggestions like these can be submitted for next year.

Richard also mentioned that we are starting an evening parent support group at Palisades High School. Perhaps this is something Paul Revere parents might be interested in as well. Please talk to your school representative. Remember that you can go to any LAUSD seminar listed on our calendar, and you are always welcome at the free parent skills training workshops at our office, every other Wednesday night. Check the seminar calendar on our website for those dates and topics as well.

The book recommendation for today is:

Get Out Of My Life, But First Could You Drive Me To The Mall: A Parent’s Guide To The New Teenager, by Anthony E. Wolf, Ph.D


See you next month!

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